Cartoon drawing for kids and beginners How to draw a spaceship step by step

We will draw a cute spaceship character step by step , These steps will help kids or beginners who wants to learn how to draw by this easy sheet , follow along with the steps .

Perfect activity for space and aliens lovers, you will enjoy drawing this cute spaceship.

you can bring a blank paper and a pencil to try drawing every step, or you can download the free page that I created at the end of this page, I designed a page with only 6 steps and divided it to two parts , a part for the steps and a blank part so you can practice drawing easily.

1- draw two ovals.

2-draw an arc.

3-draw a circle for the eye and delete the dotted line.

4- draw the mouth.

5-draw small circles and an arc.

6-draw an arc under the large oval.

7-complete the spaceship body.

8 – draw two lines under the space ship.

You will find below a page with all the steps together to be easy for you if you want to print it for practicing.

Draw a space ship step by step cartoon drawing for kids
I designed another page for print , a free printable contains 6 steps for drawing the space ship and a blank part for drawing . You can download it from the link below.

Free printable drawing sheet how to draw a spaceship

Download spaceship practice page.jpeg

another free printable coloring page for the spaceship

Spaceship coloring page

Download Spaceship coloring page.jpeg

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