Let’s Draw a strawberry, with few simple steps you will draw this cartoon strawberry cute character. most of the kids loves strawberry and prefer to eat it more than any fruit . It has a cute shape and beautiful red color .

It will be very easy steps to draw a cute strawberry character that kids will love so much.

This post includes :
1- An image for every step with explaining it.
2-A page includes all steps.
3- A free printable drawing practice paper with 6 steps only.
4- A free printable coloring page for the strawberry.

10 steps to draw the strawberry 

1-draw a rounded triangle .

2-draw the strawberry sepals by drawing the first leave.

3-4-5- continue drawing other leaves .

6- draw two circles for the eyes.

7-draw three circles inside each eye.

8- draw the mouth with simple half circle and a line for the teeth and a curve for the tongue.

9- draw oval shapes for the seeds.

10- last step ,draw the hands and legs.

you can print this page by saving it to your pc then print it and enjoy drawing with your kid.

free for personal use ,Non commercial use.

Strawberry cartoon drawing tutorial for kids step by step


Below is a free printable page for 6 steps only, to be easy for kids to practice drawing.
Drawing practice free printable page

Download strawberry drawing page.jpeg

free printable coloring strawberry page.

Free printable coloring page for strawberry

Download strawberry coloring page.jpeg

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