how to draw a cute gift box step by step directed drawing

Do you want to draw a gift box? I will draw with you a cute gift box. It will have eyes and mouth and an elegant bow and ribbon around it .
It is so easy and simple cartoon drawing ,you can color it at the end according to what the occasion is.
This gift box perfect for Christmas or birthday and many different occasions.
You will need only a pencil ,a paper and an eraser .If you want to color it use red and green crayons or choose your favorite colors.

This post includes :
1- An image for every step with explaining it.
2-A page includes all steps.
3- A free printable drawing practice paper with 6 steps only.
4- A free printable coloring page for the gift box.

8 steps to draw a Gift box:

1- Start by drawing a Rectangle for the box .

2- add another rectangle for the lid above the box.

3- at the center of the present draw two parallel lines for the ribbon and erase the dotted line.

4- Draw two curved lines for the bow above the box.

5- complete the bow by adding another two curved lines attached to the first ones .

6- draw five circles for each eye.

7- draw two curved rectangles for the brows and draw eyelashes.

8- draw half a circle for the mouth and add the teeth and the tongue.


All the steps together to be easy for you if you want to print it for practicing.

How to draw a present directed drawing step by step tutorial , simple cartoon drawing


 free printable contains 6 steps for drawing the Gift box and a blank part for drawing . You can download it from the link below.

download gift box page,free printable activity for kids and beginners


free printable Gift box coloring page to keep kids busy creating amazing artworks .

gift box coloring page download free printable


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