how to draw a elf on a shelf step by step tutorial

Draw an Elf 

Do you like the elf on the shelf ، do you want to draw him. The elf on the shelf is a children’s picture book by Carol Aebersold, we will draw an elf different than the elf in the book, with a different style. The elf that you will draw now looks so cute with his big head and big eyes. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to download a drawing guide and a coloring page for the elf. Enjoy the Christmas holidays with these art activities.It is a perfect art activity while celebrating winter holidays, Christmas, and New year for kids and beginners.

This post includes :
1- An image for every step with explaining it.
2-A page includes all steps.
3- A free printable drawing practice paper with 6 steps only.
4- A free printable coloring page for the reindeer.

9 steps to draw an elf:

1- Draw a half a circle for the elf head .

2- draw a curved rectangle over the head .

3- complete the hat by drawing a big arc and a small arc then connecting the two arcs by a circle .

4- draw the eyebrows and the hair.

5- draw the eyes and the nose, each eye consists of 5 circles.

6-Draw the ears and the mouth.

7- draw the collar by drawing a zigzag line.

8- draw a square for the shirt and add two hands attached to the square from each side.

9- draw the legs .

10- draw the shoes and a rectangle for the shelf.

11- add another thin rectangle for the shelf to be 3 dimensional.

All the steps together to be easy for you if you want to print it for practicing.

how to draw an elf on a shelf step by step tutorial

 free printable contains 6 steps for drawing the elf and a blank part for drawing . You can download it from the link below.

6 steps an elf drawing page


Download a free printable elf coloring page to keep kids busy creating amazing artworks .

an elf on the shelf coloring page

Download elf-on-a-shelf-coloring-page-scaled.jpg

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