Hello teachers and parents , it’s time to color these free printable Numbers dot markers coloring pages.
Free Printable Dot Marker Coloring pages help children learn more about numbers.perfect for kids age 4-8
Educating numbers is important for learning mathematics. Today I will share with you free preschool coloring dot marker sheets to teach numbers to pre k kids in an easy way.you can use do a dot markers or crayons if you don’t have dot markers.
Click on the download button below and help your kids to enjoy coloring and creating beautiful artwork.
Numbers dot markers free printable activity for kids
10 free printable pages , on each page you will find different number between 1 and 25. 
what is “dot marker”?
Markers have a large sponge that can be used to make colorful dots on paper.
your kid will learn recognizing numbers. each page with a number and kid will color dots according to the number.you can download all pages together as a pdf book.
The book includes 10 free pages ,each page is 8.5×11 size . 
Free 123 numbers coloring books , download pdf books for kids.learn to count for kids
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